About Author’s Little Helpers

You are an author?
You are a self-published author without a big publishing firm to guide your hand?

Well, don't worry. After all, EVEN SANTA HAS HELP!!

Everybody loves Santa! He’s the jolly big elf, who takes all those wonderful, shiny gifts to the children around the world. Who wouldn't love him?
HOWEVER, Santa does not build all the toys himself, does he? He does not wrap all the gifts himself, or am I mistaken?
Still, it is Santa, who climbs into his magical sleigh on Christmas Eve, loaded to the brim with presents, and delivers them to all those deserving boys and girls (although he does have help here, too. Remember Rudolph and his pals?)

Well, there you go.

You are an author! And let me guess: it's not your big dream to take care of all this "additional stuff" like formatting and converting, social media or promotion stuff.
It's not only because time is precious and there never seems to be enough of it, but rather because you're a writer. And what writers do is write, isn't it?

Unfortunately, "only" writing a book is not enough in order to get it in front of readers. The sad truth is that no one will ever read your book if you don't also put in time to do all that "additional stuff" so that people who read your genre and might love your book will have the chance to discover it.

The good news is: That’s where I come in!

“Author’s Little Helper” aka Stephanie Thurwachter aka “bookworm extraordinaire”

Oh - I always loved to cuddle up with a good book. Touring the globe, falling in love, solving crimes, traveling to outer space, falling through the rabbit hole and discovering new worlds.

While I studied Communication, gaining insights into PR Management and the international market, I dedicated my free time to my one true passion in life: books!
I already started working on that passion by learning all I could about the selfpublishing industry, while I was still working my day job as an event manager.

Now, I am working with authors who decided to take the selfpublishing way instead of the traditional - and I say: Thumbs up! That's the way to do it - and you can do it too! I am happy to help!

So, if that’s exactly what you need (a helping hand lent by a hardworking elf) just drop me a quick line, and we'll find out how I can help you. Whether it's an "all-in" package or you would just like to shove the really annoying tidbits my way that raise the little hairs on the back of your neck, that's fine. That's what I am here for. To get an idea of the things I might assist you with, click here!

Or simply use the Contact form to get in touch.

You can also check out my course "Selfpublishing for Beginners: How to publish your first eBook and paperback wit Amazon".


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